ACCUTHORTM Aerosol Activator

Precision Operation, Heavy Duty Aerosol Activator.

Exclusively from Ensystex, the ACCUTHOR Aerosol Activator is the perfect tool for use with AEROTHOR™ and other aerosol insecticides in commercial or residential premises. ACCUTHOR conveys a professional appearance whilst providing easy access to difficult to reach areas thanks to the small size and manoeuvrability of the activator head. The ACCUTHOR Aerosol Activator comes with a heavy duty fabric can holder, which clips on to your belt, allowing the activator head to be used at any angle.

ACCUTHOR is fitted with a 2 metre coiled hose, so it can reach anywhere you can without getting in the way when not in use. It has a tap valve integrated into it to prevent wastage from accidental bumps when not in use. The easy to use clamp system of ACCUTHOR has been specifically designed for use with AEROTHOR, though it will fit most aerosol cans without leakage.

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