Bird-Out is the most effective electrical deterrent system for birds.

Compared with other systems Bird-Out is faster to set up, 100% safe, and more effective. Clever design makes it unobtrusive and provides better electrical connections.

Bird-Out is effective against all bird species in the highest pressure situations. Bird-Out gives you:

  • Faster set-up
  • 100% electrical safety and NO risk of arcing common with other systems.
  • Totally weather-proof and moisture proof due to unique design3
  • 80% virgin polycarbonate mounts are guaranteed to last ten years or more.
  • Minimal surface contact ensures no corrosion.
  • Electrical rods can move, so no issues with contraction and expansion as experienced with other systems.
  • Can secure with natural silicone and no requirement to drill substrates.
  • Unique design allows for better contact to make more effective.
  • Simple to join and connect.

For more information:

Bird Out Leaflet

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