THOR Torches

For Professional Pest Managers

The Ensystex range of Thor Torches have a really bright WHITE light that allows you to see much more clearly on your inspections. Plus there is no annoying dark area in the middle of the beam. This makes for less eye strain.
These benefits all flow to you thanks to the latest, cutting edge CREE LED technology. All models are made of rugged aluminium and solidly constructed.

The brightest torch available - shines brighter than a car headlight!
Lumens: 3500
Range: 1,000m
Working time: 100 mins

A powerful beam with a long battery life and rated IP67.
Lumens: 900
Range: 200m

Slips into your top pocket - yet burns brighter than torches many times larger.
Lumens: 700
Range: 150m


Specification Power Torch Compact Torch Micro Torch
Light Source Xenon dual power Cree T6 LED Cree T6 LED
Battery 20 w lithium 2 x 18650 lithium 1 x 18650 lithium
Specs 11.1 v 6600 mA/h 3.7-4.2 v 3.7-4.2 v
Brightness 3500-4500 lumens 1200 lumens 700 lumens
Irradiation distance 1000-1500 m 200 m 150 m
Working time 110-140 min 100 min 120 min
Charging time 8 hours 5-6 hours 5-6 hours
Ratios 35 or 28 w Max-Med-Weak-Strobe-SOS Max-Med-Weak-Strobe-SOS
Colour Temp 6000 K 5000 K 5000 K
Weight 1200 g 100 g 50 g
Colour Black Black Titanium
IP Rating IP67 IP67 IP67
Body Aviation aluminium alloy Aviation aluminium alloy Aviation aluminium alloy
Power Dual 35/28 w 10 w 10 w
Ballast AC 250-400 Hz AC 250-400 Hz AC 250-400 Hz
Length 380 mm 235 mm 130 mm

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