Birchmeier Accu-Power Range - BM 1035

BM 1035 (Li-Ion battery)

The multifunctional «Accu-Power» pump station for all uses

For all kind of fixed or mobile tanks on vehicles and for autonomic indoor and outdoor applications. The powerful BM 1035 with Li-Ion battery can be connected with its suction hose easily and comfortably to any tank system. A zero-emission and quiet power unit with a maximal flow rate of 5.5 litres per minute and a continously adjustable operating pressure up to 10 bar. The proven electronic pressure control and an intelligent, hydraulic agitator allow a comfortable working. The BM 1035 can be combinated perfectly with the various Birchmeier accessories.

Performance Characteristic

  • Max. flow rate 5.5 L/min
  • Pressure range 1 - 10 bar
  • Li-Ion Battery Capacity with 220 Whr
  • Battery performance up to 14.5 h / 1300 litres
  • Battery charging time less than 2.5 hours

Real work comfort

  • Zero emission
  • Quiet and less vibrations
  • Compartment for second battery
  • Low operation costs
  • No petrol

Unique Birchmeier features

  • Intelligent pressure control
  • Continously adjustable operating pressure
  • Energy efficient due to electronic control
  • Protective setup for pump and rechargeable battery

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