Double Strength - 200 g/L bifenthrin

MAXXTHOR DEUCE 'double strength' Termiticide & Insecticide is easy to use; with only half the regular amount needed, it's easier to store, transport and apply. It's also double trouble for termites and insects with the same water-based, micro-fine suspension concentrate presentation as regular MAXXTHOR; it is more efficient at killing insects, penetrates the spiracles more effectively and provides better soil penetration.

MAXXTHOR DEUCE: Double the Deal

MAXXTHOR DEUCE is registered for indoor and outdoor applications. This increases the flexibility of use and allows for a 'one product delivers all' approach. Being a broad spectrum, long residual liquid insecticide it is also a cost effective alternative to other bifenthrin products.

And of course it is covered by Ensystex's ten year performance guarantee.

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