RODENTHOR® Monitor Blocks with FLUO-NP Technology™


RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks with FLUO-NP Technology are 15 g non-toxic, extruded block baits containing our unique FLUO-NP Technology, a food-grade additive that makes rodent droppings glow bright yellow when a UV tracking light is shone on them. RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks are used for monitoring rodent activity in sensitive areas or for use as part of a routine rodent management program.

They are formulated like our MUSKIL® Dual Active Rodenticide, which offers numerous benefits to your rodent management programs. In addition to allowing you to better monitor rodent activity, this means you can ensure the rodents will readily change to feeding on MUSKIL once you have detected activity.

RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks with FLUO-NP Technology provide for traceability of ingested bait allowing for tracking of rodent movements and runs. This is because the non-toxic FLUO-NP dye is excreted into the rodent’s droppings. So when you shine a UV Tracking Light onto the droppings, they will glow yellow.

Due to the fluorescence, the rodent droppings can easily be collected under UV light. You can then better trace the rodents’ movements to locate entry points and harbourages. So now you can identify the species, extent of infestation and then track the rodent’s movement to where they are harbouring or nesting. Active rodent burrows become more visible too when you use your UV tracking torch.

RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks with FLUO-NP Technology are perfect for monitoring rodent activity in sensitive areas, in food industries, schools, hospitals, zoos, parks; in fact, any place where, according to HACCP or IPM (Integrated Pest Management) protocols, the use of toxic baits must be reduced or avoided.

Once you detect rodent feeding is present on the Monitor Blocks, you simply place your MUSKIL Blocks in the same Stations to ensure elimination. Since MUSKIL Blocks use a dye that glows red under a UV light, you can also easily distinguish between rodents feeding on the MUSKIL and those feeding on the Monitor Blocks.

RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks with FLUO-NP Technology can also be used as a pre-feed. Many studies show the benefits of a rodent management program commencing with a pre-feed program to establish a high degree of comfort for the rodents feeding on your bait source. Only when you detect rodent activity do you replace the non-toxic monitors with the toxic bait.

It is still always advisable to protect bait points from non-target animals and from water using our RODENTHOR Bait Stations. This will also ensure improved feeding since the Stations provide a safe haven for the rodents.

RODENTHOR Monitor Blocks with FLUO-NP Technology retain their attractiveness to rats and mice in damp locations and are enriched with highly palatable ingredients for rodents. Thanks to their hole in the middle, they can be fixed in manholes above the water level, while their irregular and sharp-cornered form increases palatability. They can also be easily secured on the rods of bait stations.

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